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My review:

Paper Mario started the Mario RPGs with chapters, and this is the greatest.

This game if the best game for the n64. If you've been looking for a RPG that has 2d characters and a 3d background. This is you're type of game.

Gameplay: The RPG system is great. Instead of experience points for leveling up, there are star points. The game can sometimes be easy and sometimes can be hard. The game is just the right difficulty for me.

Graphics: The graphics can be a little painful on the eyes though because of 2D characters on a 3D background. But they are still bright and beautiful. But the characters still move in 3-demensional format though.

Sound: The music can be sometimes scary, cheery or relaxing. Although, there are no voices in it, there a sound effect such as jumping and hammer swinging. They can be annoying a little bit, but not much.

Controls: A little messed-up, but still good enough to beat the game without any trouble controlling Mario.

Storyline: Once again, Princess Peach has been kindnapped by the koopa king Bowser. Although I don't the constant kidnapping of Peach, this one is okay because she is playable after each chapter.

Other: It's the best Mario RPG ever. I recommend you should buy it as your first N64 games.

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