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My review:

Earthbound = best game ever made.

Iíve played Earthbound since I was a little kid. And I grew up to live for it. If youíre in for an RPG thatís totally different from other RPGs this is your type.

Gameplay: Itís very odd. No, really, it is. There are really weird enemies such as inanimate objects and dinosaurs. And the psychic powers are awesome. Some of them are strong and some of them are weak. But the best part of all time is that you get to name your characters.

Graphics: How should I start this? Well, the map screens are very colorful and bright. The battle screens have psychedelic backgrounds. Some of them are funky, some of them are bright and colorful. The graphical effect for the PSI powers might give some seizures, but it's still cool looking.

Sound: The map screens' music is cheerful at first, but as you go through the game it gets scary. Some of the music startles me, like your enemy getting a surprise opening attack. Some of the battle screen music is either cheerful, rock, or scary. Sometimes the music fits in with the enemies.

Controls: The most common button used in the game is the L button. You used it to talk to people and check things out. You can also use this in the battle screen. But you can't use it pause, though.

Storyline: There are four kids to stop the evil group of aliens called Giygas. There real names are Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo.

Other: I must say this game is great! If you don't have it, I recommend that you should buy it. It's my favorite game ever made.

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