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Banjo-Tooie is just easier than the original for me. And there are reasons.

Banjo-Tooie is a very good game, because it's another adventure game that has collectables and are easily sorted in your inventory.

Gameplay: It's confusing at first but once you've played it a lot and went through it once or twice, it becomes pretty easy. The constant back and forth thing is annoying a little bit though. Unlike the original, there are an unlimited amount of lives and no recollecting of musical notes.

Graphics: Basically the same as the orginal. There are a few minor glitches such as invisible walls with the camera behind it and a little messed up drawings of the characters. But overall, I still like them.

Sound: The music is great. Sometimes scary, cheerful or relaxing. My favorite music is probably from the 5th world called Terrydactland. Banjo's voice has gotten deeper and sounds more mature.

Controls: Just perfect. It's completely controllable and have aboslutely no problems with at all.

Storyline: One of the funniest storylines I have ever seen. Gruntila the Witch is back and stopped her rhyming. I actually like it since it was kinda annoying in the first one.

Other: The second best game for the n64 and the best Rareware game as well. I've beat this game before the original only because I was into in it.

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